Feel Well Read

Welcome to my blog.  I’m avid reader and a want to be writer and my passion lies with learning.  Join me as we journey through my virtual book club.

In my opinion we need to read a few books with different points of view, different genres and time periods to “feel” well-read in literature.  We should be more concerned with  the types of book, not the books themselves.

Here are a few categories to check out :

Western Classics (Modern & Ancient): to give you a solid basis for the who’s who of Western writing.

Dystopia: the stuff of our worst worries, fears, and nightmares.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Great American Novels

Literary Heavy Hitters

Popular Fiction

Immigrant Experience (U.S./U.K.)

Non-European/American Classics (Ancient)

Non-European/American Classics (Modern)


Start out with this list and your will be on your way.

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